Meals are prepared freshly by in-house Japanese chefs inspired by fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. The smell of homestyle food made in our kitchen drifting throughout the centre, creating a sense of belonging for children and adults. Mealtimes are the time that educators and children get together, enjoy a variety of traditional Japanese food and other cultures, and have a conversation about food, especially where food come from. Children are encouraged to try new foods, flavours and textures. Educators and children say ‘itadakimasu’ means ‘thank you for the food’ together before they start eating. This practice is part of our Japanese tradition. “Mottainai” means don’t waste is another tradition practice around mealtimes, reinforces children’s learning about sustainability program. Our menu designed based on children’s dietary requirements and inspired by children’s culture.

In-house chef prepares joyful meals on special celebrations, Hina matsuri, Setsubun, children’s day, Tanabata, Easter and Christmas. Tables are aesthetically setup with centre pieces prepared by older children and fresh flowers encouraging social connectedness and mealtime pleasure.